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How to join a ply-cord belt

COLE Spinning wheel

1. Please look at the photos of your wheel in the listing for reference.

2. Connect the middle construction part to the base unit as per photos.

3. Insert the four bolts at the bottom end of the posts in the matching holes of the base. The bolts are purposely not centered well ! Please do not try to correct them. To insert them they need a little help.

4. Secure the posts underneath lightly using the bolts, washers, nuts or screws supplied depending on the model.

5. Unscrew the round cover from the top of the short posts, place the wheel between them and put the shaft in the beds. The crankshaft must be heading the opposite of the spinners side (the one leg side).

6. The beds are lubricated with Graphite powder - the only lubricant that does not absorb dust ! It is very convenient to have a little container of Graphite powder for later use. There are small holes on the middle of the covers for lubricating the shaft regularly. Never use any oil !

6. Place again the covers on top over the shaft and screw them lightly. There should be a gap left between posts and covers. Remember: the covers are there just to stop jumping the wheel while spinning. The good tuning of that point is crucial!

7. Connecting the flyer unit to the long posts: insert the long side of the L-shaped bolt (belt tension adjuster already attached to the flyer unit) with the wing nut (as much as the wing nut allows that) in the hole of the small brass plate coming out from the top part of the long posts middle unit.

Fix the unit to the front side of top. The screws are in place.

8. Assemble the flyer unit: Insert the bobbin, and then tread the flyer. Both the bobbin’s and flyer’s grooves must be positioned next to each other.

9. Assembling the treadle unit: Connect and secure the connecting rod to the treadle using the split pin provided.

10. Connect the connecting rod to the crankshaft.

Insert the crankshaft in the hole. Secure with another split pin.

11. Place the driving belt for Double drive spinning as follows: Using the wing nut move the flyer unite to the lower position, wrap the drive belt around the wheel, around the flyer whorl, back around the wheel and around the bobbin groove. Cut off the extra. Fuse both ends of the drive belt using a cigarette lighter to melt them. Use the small wooden plate provided to line them up for about a minute to provide a smooth connection

12. Enjoy the Cole Spinning wheel !